“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

— Toni Morrison

The short version: my name is Alyssa, I’m a writer, and I’m working on my first novel during my last year at San Diego State.

You’ll more often hear A. P. Joye when reading my work in various places.

As the writing goddess herself said (as cited above), when you can’t find the story you want to read, it’s your job to write it. That’s the reason I write—aside from the pure joy and exhilaration I get from bringing something in my head to life on the page, whether done effectively or not. I want to be the reason my readers see themselves and their experiences on the page.

There’s nothing that comforts fear of a nonsensical world better than reading your experiences in someone else’s words. It’s easy to feel alone and isolated when so much of the world doesn’t work in your favor. Reading yourself in a book feels less lonely; I want to work to make the world feel less lonely and more like it’s made for you.

Where Else You Can
Find My Work

My work has previously been published in Heartland Society for Women Writers (“Abandoned,” a short story) and Metropolitan State University Roadrunner Review (“Battery Life,” a work of experimental prose”).

You can find my latest short stories and novel snippets below.

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  • Floating Away

    Sometimes, I look up at the California night sky and feel disoriented. It’s almost like if I stare up into that vast black abyss of an atmosphere for any period of time, my feet lose faith that I’m standing on solid ground.

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