Let’s Normalize Rejection

By A. P. Joye

I’m terrified of rejection, and I don’t think I’m alone. When I get rejected or fail, I feel alone because we’re only supposed to talk about our successes. Society doesn’t value failure and rejection as tools for learning or growth, and we should.

Rejection is hard to deal with because we don’t talk about it enough. Yet, rejection is inevitable.

As a writer, I know that rejection is impossible to avoid because art is inherently subjective. People don’t want to admit rejection because we’ve been taught it’s only okay to celebrate your successes. Now, at this point, I’m guessing this isn’t news to you and you’ve probably experienced failure before (spoiler alert: we all have).

I’m on a mission to normalize rejection and failure because, as a writer, I know I can’t be afraid of an inevitable part of my career. I also know that it’s impossible for someone not to fail or face rejection because that’s how you learn. Therefore, I want to open up the conversation around rejection and failure by sharing my experience with it as I submit my work to literary magazines.

Join me in normalizing rejection and failure. Comment below to share your experience with rejection.

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