Tag: short story

  • A Version of Myself

    When my sister called, we could all feel it. No one wanted to say it out loud because the first person to say “death” is the bad guy, regardless of which euphemism they dress it up with. There’s something about the way my mom answers the phone when my sister calls at a strange time—this time, it happened to be after 9 o’clock, when both my mother and sister are typically asleep. The subdued stress in her voice cues me into what’s happening.

  • Bottoms Up

    I swallow the newest pill in the series of prescriptions my doctor has doled out to me. I used to study them and learn all of their possible side effects and physical properties. I’d even grow fond of them simply because they might finally provide me with the relief I’d been taught to want. 

  • Blinded by the Night

    I think he’s asleep as I watch his eyes flicker as if he’s going insane from the terror of his dreams. The clock says “3:41am.” This will be another night that I don’t sleep, added onto a long list of laying-awake nights where the stars won’t quiet down and the ceiling won’t stop moving.

  • Here Comes the Bride

    My father introduces me into the wild of the aisle. I wanted my mother to be beside me too, but she’s dead and my father didn’t think it’d be becoming for a corpse to be the other half of my escort.