Hi! My name is Alyssa Phillips, and I’m your next reading and writing tutor.

I’ve tutored elementary, high school, and college students in reading comprehension and essay-writing for over five years.

“Alyssa is a pro. She’s got a gift for working with students, especially those whose needs may be unconventional.”

— Instructor Evaluation,
Analytical Writing PrograM (2019)
some quick facts

I’ve met with over 300 students individually on a weekly-basis, worked closely with nine professors in the Analytical Writing Program at UC San Diego and the Rhetoric and Writing Studies department at San Diego State University before teaching my own courses, and developed two original syllabi for San Diego State University courses in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies department.

About Me

I’m a UC San Diego graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and Literature and I’m currently finishing my third and final year of my Master’s at San Diego State University (also in Creative Writing).

Studying writing for as long as I have (six years) means that I’ve dedicated my entire academic career to understanding all forms of literature—whether those texts are short stories, novels, creative nonfiction essays, opinion editorials, etc.—and responding to them in cogent, productive essays.

I’ve learned how write essays that conform to academic standards while using my mastery of academic standards and the English language to develop a meaningful, comprehensive contributions to any conversation that I enter.

“Alyssa is professional and kind. She always makes you feel good even when your writing needs more work.”

— Student evaluation, Analytical writing program (2020)
What can I do for you or your student?

How do I read strategically?
How can I make annotations useful and efficient for my future self?
How does an essay look?
Why do I need a thesis?
What’s the function of a topic sentence?
How the heck do I write a conclusion?

— Questions I’ll Help You or Your Student Answer

My job as a mentor, tutor, and teacher is to make my job obsolete. Every time I meet with you or your student, I model the types of questions students should be asking about both their writing (essays, short stories, or otherwise) and the texts they read so that those questions become second-nature to them as growing writers and readers.

“Alyssa gave helpful and thoughtful feedback to each of my writing pieces and during our one-to-ones made sure to answer each and ever one of my questions.”

— Student evaluation, Analytical writing program (2020)

My Goals

  • Meet you or your student wherever they are in their academic journey
  • Strengthen student voices so they can contribute to the ongoing, exigent conversations happening all around them

Interested? Here’s my rate.

Questions or Concerns? Contact Me.

“Alyssa is a great and engaging T.A. She really helped with revising and editing my essays to further advance my writing skills.”

— student evaluation, analtyical writing program (2020)

Not sure we’re the right fit? No worries. Check out the resources below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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